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What makes us different

Why Choose Hower Law Firm, LLC?


Hower law Firm LLC was created to serve the unique needs of each client with experienced advocacy to achieve the best possible outcomes in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Mission Statement:

Helping people in challenging times with a trusted partner. We are on your side.

When you have an extremely personal legal issue that needs to be resolved, you must entrust your matter to an attorney that has a demonstrated history in achieving the best possible outcome given the facts of each case. After years of working for others, Hower law Firm LLC was created knowing that every single case is unique and must be dealt with in a very individual and personalized way. Attorney Tracey A. Hower has nearly a decade of experience dealing with clients from modest means to multi-million-dollar divorces, from intra-state to international child abductions, and with complex immigration matters.


Listen, Communicate, and Provide Superior Legal Counsel

Consistently achieving positive results for her clients does not happen by accident. Attorney Tracey A. Hower is a certified Guardian Ad Litem and Mediator which requires intense listening skills, and she is an effective communicator who keeps her clients regularly informed of the case status and strategy. Inquiries are a top firm priority. Simple inquiries like, “when is my next court date” are handled by the staff. Complex inquiries regarding the case are answered immediately by Tracey, if she is available, or promptly at the next available time. 

Some attorneys will sugar coat the truth. Although compassion is a priority at Hower Law Firm LLC, honesty with and between the clients and the firm is key. Tracey will always keep you informed and make sure you have honest advice and key information to make critical decisions about your case.

Hower Law Firm’s goal is to provide superior legal counsel to its clients. Attorney Tracey A. Hower combines her highly effective negotiation skills with her litigation skills in order to handle each case in a holistic manner. When dealing with emotional issues like divorce, parenting time, or getting a loved one legal status, it is of utmost importance to have an attorney that has an innate ability to know when to use each of these important skills. The ability to easily shift into each of these modes allows for the most zealous advocacy and best possible outcomes for all of Attorney Tracey A. Hower’s clients.

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